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Endorsement Process

It is critical that all CS Departments that generally endorse the new AP CS Principles course make their support known explicitly. If individual departments speak at one, we will have a community response that will keep the effort on track. As explained below, the process involves sending an electronic "attestation letter" to the College Board, initialed by the chair.


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Attesting To AP CS Principles

 ATTESTATION SITE   Click here to Attest Now

In order to ensure that students taking the AP CS Principles course and passing the exam will get credit and/or placement in college, it is essential that the community indicate its willingness to recongize the course. The development process is not yet complete, of course, so all that can be attested to is a department's intention to recongize the exam in the form of credit or placement assuming the effort is successful.

 FIVE LEVELS OF ENDORSEMENT   The Attestation Form offers five levels of endorsement -- it is essential that every school check as many boxes as possible. Briefly, the five levels are

  1. Its a substantive, important project -- keep up the good work!
  2. We intend to give successful students credit at our school
  3. We intend to offer a comparable, content-rich course
  4. We intend to give succesful students placement in a sequent course at our school
  5. [Optional] We are willing to have our school listed as supporting AP CS Principles
Regarding item 4, departments that offer a CS0 or Fluency with Information Technology course can expect that CS Principles will provide sufficient coverage to justify placement in the follow-on course.

It is expected that most schools will check all boxes, but any level of support is appreciated.

 WHO SHOULD ATTEST   It would ideal if every computer science department in North American endorsed AP CS Principles. A sample set of roughly 150 schools will be used to decided how broadly the community supports the effort. Support from computer science departments outside North America is also appreciated.

     Contact: snyder at cs dot washington dot edu